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Abrasion Resistant Slurry Spools



Offering the ultimate solution for wear pipe applications when traditional methods of wear protection are not the answer. Our bi-metallic or ceramic lined pipe and spools are tailor-made and engineered to fit the most severe conditions for hydro transportation and slurry pumping.



Wear Pipe Solutions for Slurry

and Abrasive Material: 



Supported equipment for:

  • Slurry Pumping

  • Tailings

  • Hydro-transport

  • Pulverized Coal Transport

  • Oil Sands



The white phase is a chromium-rich carbide known as M7C3. The matrix consists of dendrites of austenite, some of which may have transformed into martensite. There may also be relatively small quantities of other alloy carbides.

Case Study

In a collaborative joint effort with ClearStream Wear Technologies LP:   


Offering straight spools to complicated fittings such as Tees, Elbows, and Reducers.

Straight pipe: 2" to 60" diameter in various lengths

Bends: 8" to 60" diameter with various radius' 

spools_img copy.png

Supported equipment for:

  • Proposing an assembly with CWI liners inserted into a steel pressure boundary to comply with pressure pipe codes such as ASME B31.3

  • CWI can reduce the need to replace spools and lower maintenance interval time.

  • The pressure shell can be reused.  Maintenance and liner replacement can be possible based on multiple design options. 

  • Depending on the design, UT can be possible for thickness and wear monitoring, therefore a preventive maintenance and replacement schedule can be carried out.

In Contrast to Bi-Metallic and CWI spools ClearStream Wear Technologies LP Offers:

  • Chromium Carbide overlay (CCO):  for erosion

  • Nano Matrix and Complex Carbide: increases longevity and impact performance

  • Tungsten Carbide Overlay (WC PTA): application for severe erosion 

  • Stellite®/Cobalt Overlay: Stellite® application for corrosion and erosion

  • Inconel® Overlay: 600 series and Stainless overlay designed for corrosion application 

  • Hastelloy® Weld Overlay: application for corrosion and heat 

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