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Your partner for engineered metal products.

Casting, forging, machining, advanced and high-performance materials for severe conditions. 


Demir Engineering wants to be your trusted resource to help design and supply engineered metal products. We deliver complex services across a wide range of industries for severe applications including: high abrasion, high corrosion and high temperature.





We support our customers early in the product life cycle with a full range of innovative design, engineering, materials and metallurgical engineering services. By working with our customers in the development stages, our engineers help to design casting, forging, and fabricated products for optimal manufacturability and performance.

Alloy Design & Material Selection

Proper alloy design and material selection is the vital key to successful performance for applications under high temperature, high corrosion, and high abrasion conditions.  Our key competencies lie in our in-depth understanding of material micro-structures as well as material properties. By utilizing the latest metallurgy and material technologies we can assure that you’re using a commercially compelling material and alloy that specifically addresses your needs.

Conceptual Design

Demir's conceptual design services include industrial design that defines both the aesthetics and functionality of the products and prototypes we manufacture.

Detailed Design

Our engineering design services verify that your product is designed to meet the demands of it’s expected life cycle and complies with the requirements of domestic and international codes and standards.  

Prototype Development

Our expertise can often reduce the number of prototypes and tests needed to arrive at a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective product.

Past and Future Projects

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